Piano Bar

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"Piano Bar" (July 2012)

  • Number of pages : 160 (2 pages containing a short description on the songs (in French, English, German, Spanish))
  • Format : 24 cm x 32 cm
  • Forwarding : wire’o binding with wraparound cover
  • Scores : piano, guitar, voice
  • Number of titles : 20 (2 in English)
  • Duration : 76 minutes (Bonus-CD included)
  • Music genres : Pop, Slow, Rock, Boogie-woogie, Country rock, Rhythm and blues, Soul, Hindi, Hip-hop, Reggae, Salsa

 Here is the text of the 4. cover page :

« The author: Gilles von Wihl is a charming songwriter with a rich real-life experience. His sincerity allows him to share easily his feelings and even to evoke in his listener feelings and intimate impressions.

The collection: The author is polyglot, he travelled and lived a lot of experiences. So he expresses himself easily and naturally in multiple climates: French song, rock, Country music, international varieties... He is not afraid of fetching his inspirations in Jamaica ("Les couleurs de ton île"), in Latin America ("La fille et son perroquet", "Les marchands de rêves") or in India ("La Princesse de Bollywood")...

The orchestrations of his songs have been reduced for piano. They are also offered with detailed guitar chords. They offer a remarkable diversity of styles, rhythms, atmospheres...

No doubt they will delight amateur or confirmed musicians. »

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