Aimer d’amour

aimer d amour 2004 1   aimer d amour 2004 2  

"Aimer d’amour" ("To Love With True Love") (August 2004)

  • Number of pages : 174 (172 in French and 2 in German)
  • Format :  11 cm x 16,5 cm

Here is the text of the 4. cover page :

« This autobiographical collection is by far a reflection of the personality of a man we appreciate at its right value.

His texts, written to charm us and sometimes to play with us, carry us like a slight breeze to an imaginary world which is his.

From the keen and sensual emotion of poetry, which knows how to fill us with wonder, Gilles von Wihl makes us respectfully share his dreams through his poems woven of love, hope and truths. To dream his own life is for him the key to a happy and brightened out life.

His sometimes disconcerting testimonies and his personal past life wrap us like a light cloud in order for us to experience those in the purest intimacy. Encounter, love and passion would certainly be his more beautiful signature because he is closely convinced by it. »  

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