Etapes confidentielles d’un rêveur

etapes confidentielles d un reveur 1998 1   etapes confidentielles d un reveur 1998 2  

"Etapes confidentielles d’un rêveur" ("Confidential Stages of a dreamer") (July 1998)

  • Number of pages : 160 (146 in French, 13 in German and one in three languages)
  • Format : 11 cm x 16,5 cm

Here is the text of the 4. cover page :

« With the tenderness of simplicity, the spontaneous emotion of everyday life and the skin deep sensibility of the torn man, Gilles von Wihl offers us heart gripping texts to be considered as testimonies.

Sometimes on the register of poetry, sometimes on the range of a short text or even of the novel, he follows step by step the way of a daydream which he has the desire to share with the reader like as many confidences. »

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