Images de la vie d’un passionné

images de la vie d un passionne 1992 1   images de la vie d un passionne 1992 2  

"Images de la vie d’un passionné" ("Life Pictures of a Passionate Man") (December 1992)

  • Number of pages : 164 (160 in French, 2 in German and 2 in English)
  • Format : 11 cm x 16,5 cm

Here is the text of the 4. cover page :

« Gilles von Wihl is a passionate man who knows what living means. He carries passion like a talisman to the stream of its existence and this one - quite precisely - impregnates the act of writing of the rope of the love. The simple images, if not banal, are those which could belong to everyman on condition that the existence of this one is struck by the touch of the magic wand whose love is the master of the magicians. It is intense and it breathes sometimes naive happiness and wonder in front of each day which is given to us to appreciate.

Wouldn’t the existence be finally in the likeness of the loved woman? Every day he should renew his love declaration to her…

Gilles von Wihl reminds us of the urgent need to love because precarious and fleeting things weave their web in our daily life to make us forget the truth of the life: the act of love, the only one which can enable us to get closer to the original creation and the eternity. »

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