Piano Panorama

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"Piano Panorama" (July 2017)

  • Number of pages : 160 (2 pages containing a short description on the songs (in French, English, German, Spanish))
  • Format : 24 cm x 32 cm
  • Forwarding : wire’o binding with wraparound cover
  • Scores : piano, guitar, voice
  • Number of titles : 19 (3 in English)
  • Duration : 78 minutes (Bonus-CD included)
  • Music genres : Pop, Slow, Rock, Rockabilly, Country rock, Blues, Jazz, Jazz-rock, Gospel, Disco, Dance, Reggae, Christmas, Nursery rhyme, Classical

 Here is the text of the 4. cover page :

« With this "Piano Panorama" Gilles von Wihl proposes to us a new collection of songs whose orchestrations have been reduced for piano.
A lot has happened in Gilles' life since his last CD. Things said, unspoken things, which his friends guessed, or thought to guess. You will find these things in his music, in his sincere texts, sometimes very romantic, sometimes hard, sometimes contemplative...

That’s the way life goes, in all its diversity.

Some artists are confused with the impulse that leads them to express themselves. In doing so, their creations give us a mirror and allow us to reconnect with buried emotions.

You will find here many different musical climates, but perhaps you will find mostly forgotten memories... »

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